Cruelly tethered dogs.

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Too many dogs are cruelly tethered, confined to a small radius where they live out the days of their lives as a lawn decoration, wondering what's beyond, wondering what they did wrong, watching the neighborhood dogs going on happy walks with their owners.

 Dogs don't deserve a lifetime of entrapment.

These dogs are often neglected by their owners. Sometimes they become aggressive, or relentlessly bark in attempts to get attention. They do not get the exercise they need or the mental stimulation of socializing and exploration. Not to mention that many months of the year produce weather dangerous to the well-being of dogs. Tethering hinders a dogs ability to escape potential dangers, and could cause strangulation.

And in different seasons, it's either too hot or too cold for pets to be left outside.

A county ordinance, banning all unsupervised tethering of dogs could end this suffering and torment of woman and man's best friend. Sign this petition to urge Hamblen County, Tennessee join the numerous other compassionate, pet-friendly counties and cities nation wide that have already successfully enacted this ordinance.