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Uphold the Decision of the Court of Appeal , to suspend the Normes of the law 258/2013. STOP THE KILLING OF DOSG NOW. BANCESCU IS NOT above the courts.

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There is an individual in Romania, Razvan Bancescu - Project Manager at ASPA Bucharest, who considers himself ABOVE any law and even above the COURT OF APPEAL which SUSPENDED the Methodological Norms for the implementation of the law 258/2013, for the management of stray dogs population. This historical decision has been issued Friday, June 20,2014, meaning that the capture and the KILLING of dogs in public shelters MUST STOP, immediately. New Methodological Norms MUST be written..

.[2] The official website of the Bucharest Court of Appeal:

"Last Friday the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS, and suspended the execution methodology of the stray dogs killing law[1]. According to the official communication of the Court of Appeal, the entire Governmental Decision is suspended.[2] With immediate effect in Romania, the killing law has no applicable norms and there is no legal framework to capture stray dogs nor to issue a decision to kill them according to the suspended methodology.  

  YET, Razvan Bancescu - project manager at ASPA Bucharest ( Bucharest Agency for stray dogs ) decided to CONTINUE TO KILL DOGS in Bucharest Public shelters, pushes for al appeal of the Decision.  

UPDATE : as of July 7, 2014, RAZVAN BANCESCU still refuses to SUSPEND the capture and killing of dogs. APPARENTLY he was placed ABOVE ALL THE LAWS in Romania, by the General MAyor of Bucharest....and has also been given SUPREME AUTHORITY over the Bucharest Local Police...more information here

The dog catchers HIRED by Razvan Bancescu are not City Hall' employees, so basically they can not be paid from public money, during this period when the Norms have been suspended....They not only roam the streets of Bucharest day and night, they also enter private properties to steal dogs, the beat up people to snatch dogs from their leashes, they are after all dogs in Bucharest...

Razvan Bancescu declared PUBLICLY that he monitor everything animal lovers from Romania post on Facebook...and goes after them...also they have access to all the private information ( addresses included ) of all those who adopted dogs from ASPA Shelters..." coincidentaly, someone who not only adopted dogs from an ASPA Shelter, but is also an activist, has been stalked and beaten up by dogs catchers, at night when she was walkin her dogs ON LEASH...they wanted to steal her dogs

PLEASE PLEDGE to avoid Bucharest until The General Mayor Sorin Oprescu, gets rid of these INFRACTORS.

It has become more and more obvious that this individual, with a huge protection and support from the General Mayor of Bucharest - Sorin Oprescu ( who also intends to become the next president of Romania ) does whatever he want.    

Please tell Bucharest that this is UNACCEPTABLE and that everybody in any civilized, modern and democratic country in the world MUST UPHOLD the decision of a High Court.  Please let them know that you will avoid travelling to Bucharest and all Made in Romania products, until Bucharest City Hall and its ASPA< led by Bancescu will UPHOLD the LAWS and the decision taken by the Courts !   

In the attention of Mr. Sorin Oprescu , General Mayor of Bucharest 

In atentia domnului Dorin Oprescu, primarul General al Bucurestiului  

  Again, the international community is OUTRAGED by the fact the YOU, as general Mayor of Bucharest, have placed RAZVAN BANCESCU - Project Manager at ASPA, above all the laws and now even above a decision taken by Bucharest Court of Appeal, to SUSPEND the Methodological Norms for the law 258/2013 - Decision issued on June 20,2014.  

Din NOU, comunitatea internationala este ORIPILATA, de faptul ca dumneavoastra, in calitate de Primar General al Capitalei l-ati plasat pe Razvan Bancescu - Project Manager ASPA - deasupra tuturor legilor din Romania, si acum chiar si deasupra unei HOTARARI ale CURTII DE APEL Buchurest, data la data de 20 Iunie, 2014, prin care CURTEA de APEL, suspenda Normele Metodologice de implementare a Legii 258/2013.  

  The fact that Razvan Bancescu declared that HE will CONTINUE TO KILL dogs in Bucharest Public Shelters , shamelessly disregarding a decision of a COURT OF LAW, show the world, ONE MORE TIME, that your intention, and HIS intention is to MASSACRE as many dogs as possible, whether legal or not. His attitude and the attitudie of Bucharest City Hall are UNACCEPTABLE and it will be transmitted to the European Parliament and to all potentiala visitors to Romania...Wiht his decision, Razvan Bancescu had AGAIN brought SHAME on Bucharest and Romania. It is obvious that he consider himself ABOVE anything and anybody, and this he is protected by the Mayor of Bucharest and the City Hall.   

Faptul ca Razvan Bancescu a declarat ca va continua sa OMOARE CAINI in adaposturile publice ale capitalei, fara nici un fel de respect pentru o Decizia data de CURTEA DE APEL, arata ONCA o data , atat intentia dumneavoastra in Bucuresti cat si a lui personala, de a OMORA CAT MAI MULTI CAINI. Decizia  lui Razvan Bancescu si a Primariei Generale a Capitale, va fi transpisa la toti parlamentarii de la Bruzelles si tuturor turistilor.... Cu aceasta decizi ariganta, razvan Bancescu a facut din NOU de rusine atat Bucurestiul cat si Romania. Este evident faptul ca dansul s-a plasat deasupra tuturor legilor si este protejat de primarul general a capitalei si de primaria Bucuresti. 

Illegal actions by ASPA dog catchers on June 24, 2014....4 days after the Court of Appeal Decision they CONTINUED to capture dogs OVER NIGHT, and keeping them in their vans until 4 am...No veterinarian to make the proper documents for the dogs, in Pallady long are YOU, Mr Mayor let Bancescu MAKE THE LAWS in Bucharest ?

Actiuni ILEGALE  ale hingherilor de la ASPA in Noaptea de 23/24 Iunie 2014, la 4 zile de la decizia Curtii de tinut cainii pana la 4 dimineata in masinile lor. Nu era medic veterinar la Pallady ca sa-i ia in primire....Pana cand il veti lasa pe Bancescu sa faca legile in Bucuresti ?

We know that you, Mr. Sorin Oprescu intend to become the next President of Romania.

The way you approached the management of stray dogs in Bucharest and the fact that YOU PLACED Razvan Bancescu ABOVE all laws, will have grave consequances for Bucharest and Romania and yourself. How will you, as President, UPHOLD the laws of your country, when you placed Razvan Bancescu above all of them and allowed him to do whatever he wants.?  

Stim ca dumneavoastra domnule Sorin Oprescu, intentionati sa candidati la Presedentia Romaniei.  Felul in care ati abordat problema cainilor fara stapan la Bucuresti si faptul ca l-ati pus pe Razvan Bancescu deasupra tuturor legilor, va avea consecinte neplacute pentru Bucuresti, Romania si dumneavoastra personal.  Cum veti onora dumneavoastra legile tarii dumneavoastra daca l-ati plasat pe Razvan Bancescu deasupra tuturor legilor si i-ati dart libertatea sa faca ce vrea. ?  

It is obvious that Razvan Bancescu wants to EXTERMINATE as many dogs as possible...

His attitude is OUTRAGEOUS, and you as General Mayor of Bucharest MUST stop him. 

Este evident ca Razvan Bancescu doreste sa EXTERMINEZE cat mai multi posibil...atitudinea lui este revoltatoare si dumneavoastra ca primar general TREBUIE sa-l opriti.   

Please STOP ASPA from KILLING any more dogs, and for the good of Bucharest and Romania, FIRE Razvan Bancescu and all his dog catchers. FInd civilized people to work in the management of stray dogs. We will take the freedom to inform all our friends and family members about what is going on in Romania with the stray dogs. We will stay away from Bucharest, until ASPA has a new management, and you will UPHOLD the Decisions of the Courts of Law.   

Va rugam sa OPRITI uciderea cainilor de catre ASPA, si pentru binele Bucurestiului si al Romaniei, demiteti din functie pe Razvan Bancescu si toti hingherii lui. Cautati oameni civilizati sa lucreze in gestionarea cainilor fara stapan. Ne luam libertatea de a ne informa toti prietenii si familia despre tot ce se intampla in Romania cu acesti caini fara stapan. Vom etiva Bucurestiul, pana cand tot personalul de la ASPA va fi inlocuit si pana cand veti aplica deciziile Curtilor de Justitie din Romania.  

Thank you 

Multumim pentru atentie   

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