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ASOS: Stop the manufacture and sale of clothes in size UK 2, (29" 22" 32").

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The sale of clothes in a size as small as a UK size 2 encourages a potentially harmful body image. The measurements for these clothes are bust 29" (73.5cm), waist 22" (55.5cm) and 32" (81cm).

By promoting a UK size 2 figure as acceptable, even aspirational, for women, ASOS may be reinforcing or triggering feelings of low self-esteem amongst a section of the population who are already particularly inclined to insecurities regarding size, shape and body image in general.

The sale of clothes in this size also tacitly supports the desire to achieve and maintain a body shape and size which incompatible with good physical health. While there may be a small number of extreme exceptions, even women of a generally small build would not be able to fit into UK size 2 whilst maintaining a balanced and nutritionally adequate diet, as well as a healthy approach to food and exercise.

This petition does not exist to explicitly link the sale of UK size 2 to eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia or EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Stated). However, I - the starter of this petition - have had personal experience with the first of these life-threatening and incredibly destructive disorders. I personally feel offended that such clothes are being sold.

To put this in context, I will make some comments regarding BMI and measurements. These may be triggering for any ED sufferer and if they are, I urge you not to continue reading this. However, I believe that it is important to put these measurements in context.

A healthy BMI is between 18/18.5 - 25. A person is considered to be suitable for hospitalization at around BMI 15. I have suffered from anorexia, and at my lowest weight my BMI was below 13.5. I am 5'1", at the middle to lower end of what is considered by ASOS to be 'petite' (that is, 5'3" and below). At my lowest weight, my bust measurement was at least 30", when measured with underwear. This is a suitable way of measuring, considering that ASOS are selling clothes to be worn over underwear. This measurement - taken from a short young woman of naturally slim build, with a BMI which seriously threatened her health and was considered by the Eating Disorders inpatient unit to be suitable grounds for being put on bed rest or assigned to use of a wheelchair - is at least 1 inch above the measurement given for ASOS's UK size 2 garments.

ASOS are being irresponsible in selling these clothes. Whilst there may be a very limited market for them, and whilst it is certainly true that all women should be free to enjoy and express themselves through fashion, this should not be at the expense of their mental or physical health. The fashion industry, and ASOS in particular, needs to take a long hard look at itself, and ask if it is worth a few extra sales to put itself in the camp of those who stand by and watch young women deplete in confidence and, in some cases, continue or even start down a road which puts them at risk of consider psychological and physical danger.

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ASOS don't give out a direct email address for customer feedback. If you agree with this petition, please go to their website and fill out a form with the petition letter below, letting them know about your objection to this terrible decision.

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UPDATE: ASOS replied to my tweet, saying 'Our Chinese website launches soon and we've extended our range to cater their need of smaller sizes based on their feedback'. I think we can all acknowledge that cultural and ethnic differences mean that there is a much larger market for clothes of this size in China, and that many more Chinese people will be able to fit into these clothes with comparably little damage to health. However, at the moment these clothes are being sold to the UK consumer on the UK site, in a size specifically labeled as 'UK'. Obviously, there are many people of Chinese descent in the UK who may be of similar build and find size 2s suitable. However, I would stress that the benefits to people naturally given to smaller frames (and to others who can for other reasons fit into these clothes and do not have EDs) is vastly outweighed by the dangers to those who are not like this for healthy reasons, or are not like this but are affected adversely by the message that it gives out.

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