Iruna - English Version Support

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I would like the English version of the game to get more support from Asobimo as it is heavily infested with speedhackers, botters, acts of fraud, RMT and much more. I have looked at the JP version, and there are some things that we should have gotten earlier but never did, such as the new skills, summoner as a class, stall spina cap raised, and much more. We as the community would appreciate it if Asobimo stepped up and put In-Game Moderators, trying to listen to our feedback on what could make the game better (e.g make quests better than they are so that grinding mobs isn't just the only best option and increasing the drop rate) and also putting out content that the community wants more of. Maybe perhaps this could be achieved by making a blog for the English version and updating us on what has been done in the game so far, maybe if the team needs help translating some things we as the community can help. Please, Asobimo, we as a community love your game. We want you to show the world why you should be up there as one of the top dogs in the mobile gaming industry. This would be a great start.