Asking Apple to not block Telegram channels of Belarusian peaceful protest

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Dear Apple, people of Belarus always knew your company as a strong supporter of human rights and considered you to be "the good guys". Today, we were shocked to see your decision to block Telegram channels, that being used by peaceful protestors against bloody dictatorship. 

To understand why people of Belarus need to gather personal information about Lukashenko's thugs, you can see this article To make it short, there are no working laws in Belarus and so called police do whatever they want to express their brutality, from casual beatings of random people to torture, murder and rape of men, and women that participate in peaceful protests. The judges of Belarus intertwined into this regime and never investigate such cases. That's why the only way to suppress this police brutality is to make actions of those criminals public. Another very important role of such channels is gathering and archiving all information related to the crimes against our people, so it could be used as evidence in courts of Belarus after the fall of dictatorship regime.

By blocking this initiative of peaceful Belarusian people, Apple supports untouchable status of Lukashenko's thugs and helps them to choke peaceful protests. In addition to that, Apple creates a precedent by restricting the only tool that government of Belarus cannot censor, thus limiting our freedom of speech.

We, the people of Belarus and other sympathizers are kindly asking you to review this decision and don't be the company that blocks the will of Belarusians to be free from lawless tyranny.

Please use hashtag #AppleCensorsBelarus in social media to discuss this issue.

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