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Ask Your Members of Congress to End Chimpanzee Experiments

Ask your members of Congress to support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (H.R. 1513/S. 810).

This bill would ban the use of chimpanzees in invasive experiments, end federal breeding programs, and release federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries.

This bipartisan bill makes sense—ethically, scientifically, and financially.

The United States is the last developed country to use chimpanzees for experiments. Research shows chimpanzees in laboratories suffer similarly to human victims of trauma, and only 20 percent of chimpanzees in laboratories are used in research while the others are warehoused in barren cages for years at taxpayer expense.

Research funding would be better spent on superior modern research and testing methods, such as ethical, human-centered studies, mathematical modeling, and in vitro testing.

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