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Ask Woolworths and Coles to place battery collection bins in all their stores

Australia has no easy-to-use nationwide system for safe disposal of batteries. Most consumers don’t know how to dispose of them, which is why most batteries (95% according to the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative) currently end up in landfills where the dangerous lead, mercury and cadmium leach into the soil and contaminate our groundwater while precious resources go to waste.

Since October 2012, all Aldi stores in Australia have a recycling bin where consumers can dispose of used batteries. We need this system to be more widespread and nationwide. Join me in requesting that Woolworths and Coles place similar recycling bins in all their stores. A large proportion of Australian batteries have been sold at one of their stores, so it is only fair that they take their share of the responsibility for safe disposal and recycling.

Please sign my petition to help create a cleaner Australia.

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