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Ask Uptown to Keep Flint Farmers' Market at its location and invest in it there!

By signing this petition, you are sharing your position on this issue with your Michigan state representatives, Flint city council, the mayor and emergency manager, the governor, and the board and leadership at Uptown Reinvestment Corporation.

The Farmer's Market is currently providing the current benefits which will be lost if moved:

Sense of Place

The current Flint Farmers' Market has a deep history and is in a prime location. Place-making is not necessary because we already have made it.

The open space and proximity to the naturalized river allows for a variety of special events, music, food, and vendors that create a dynamic shopping experience.

The Flint Farmers' Market provides the starting point for redevelopment efforts along Flint's major natural asset, the Flint River.

Motorized and Non-motorized Accessibility
The Market is located along the Flint River Trail, one of Flint's premier quality-of-life amenities.

Easy access from the expressway and ample parking allows for non-Flint residents to easily visit the market, particularly during the peak 10-week season during which vendors earn most of their money.

The current location provides better access to the bulk of Flint residents due to its location along a main thoroughfare, and easy parking access.

Economic Prosperity
The current location maximizes the customer-base for vendors. Similar movement projects have failed to yield results in cities such as Lansing, which suggests little benefit is to be gained by such a  move in Flint. 

The location provides a stable, safe foothold on the edge of several Flint neighborhoods that are working to overcome significant stress.

The presence of a major non-motorized trail-way, along a naturalized river, with an excellent Farmers' Market is a highly marketable asset that could be grown upon to help attract talent to current emerging business.

Alternatives for action on the part of Uptown Reinvestment Corporation:

Unite the City
It is a zero-sum game to spend millions of dollars simply to move institutions from one part of the city to another. We must go forward together, not tear each other down.

Prosperity downtown should be built upon and spread, not siphoned away from neighborhoods.

Destabilizing neighborhoods that surround downtown Flint will ultimately hurt downtown, while strengthening those neighborhoods will continue to strengthen downtown.

Invest in the Current Site
A fraction of the millions of dollars required for relocation could provide an even better attraction at the current site, with greater spillover effects to all neighborhoods.

Leverage the current location to bring even more customers to the market and downtown businesses by providing better cross-marketing of the locations and their motorized and non-motorized linkages.

Utilize the amenities of the market and its connections to a diversity of amenities to attract talent and businesses to the city.

Letter to
Vice President — Special Projects at Mott Foundation Ridgeway White
Uptown Board Member Bob Kittle
and 30 others
Flint City Council Mr. Lawler
Flint City Council Mr. Freeman
City Administrator Mike Brown
Flint Farmers' Market Public Relations/ Marketing Karianne Martus
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Media Contact Elaine Redd
Vice-President of Programs at Mott Foundation Neal Hegarty
Flint City Council Dale Weighill
Flint City Council Ms. Poplar
Flint City Council Mr. Nolden
Flint City Council Mr. Neeley
Flint City Council Mr. Sarginson
Flint City Council Mr. Kincaid
Uptown Board Member Deb Cherry
Uptown Board Member Pastor Flynn
Flint Downtown Development Authority Mr. Burnash
President, Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Tim Herman
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Greg Fiedler
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Gerard Burnash
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Loyst Fletcher
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Dave Lossing
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Matt Sharp
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Kathi Horton
Uptown Reinvestment Corporation Board Member Bob Nichols
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling
Flint Downtown Development Authority Mr. Everson
Michigan State Representative Mr. Stanley
Michigan State Representative Mr. Ananich
Michigan State Representative Pam Faris
Michigan State Representative Mr. Graves
Michigan Governor
I request that Uptown Reinvestment Corporation board president Tim Herman, vice president Claude High, and project manager Ridgeway White keep the Flint Farmers Market at its location at 420 E Boulevard Drive, Flint, MI 48503 and make investments to upgrade the current site of the market.

I further request that City Officials, State Officials, and our State Representatives encourage and assist the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation and its Board to maintain the Farmers Market at its current location.