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ask to withdraw global fund for China

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Global fund is build on donations mainly from big organisations and contributions from our governments.That's mean majority of people in the world contribute money to the global fund one way or another. Twice a year the GLOBAL FUND board making decision about financial partnership with chosen country. 

For nearly a decade, China was one of the largest recipients of grants from the Global Fund for its fight against AIDS, TB and malaria. From 2003-2012, more than $805 million was disbursed to support 15 grants, nearly half of which (46%) contributed to prevention, diagnosis and


treatment campaigns for TB across the country.Once active in more than two-thirds of China’s counties and districts, the Global Fund was the largest international health partner in the country. But the shift at the Fund towards targeting resources to poorer countries with higher burdens of disease, as well as the global trend that is pushing emerging economies to shoulder an ever larger responsibility for their own health budgets, has meant an end to the fruitful partnership between China and the Fund. Just two grants remain active: one in TB and one in malaria,approx 30 millions US Dollars .Christopher Game, Chief Procurement Officer at the Global Fund, told the conference. “Our goal is to be able to offer long-term contracts and fair return on investment. We know we can do it.”

Global Fund cooperation with China should be beneficial for global health.China's lack of law enforcement against torture and animal cruelty contradict any kind of cooperation  in the health section. By allowing the dogs and cats meat trade to continue  China expose their citizens to health hazard and deadly diseases which kill over 30,000 people each year in Asia, and the number of cases in China and Vietnam is increasing. Apart from fatal viruses ,exposure to violence and the performance of  unpunished  torture and crime against defenceless could seriously affect the mental and emotional development of a human brain. This ignorance toward serious crime which also cause serious illness contradicts the idea of working on the health improvement for human kind 

Despite the fact that CHINESE government accept the global fund support  they still allowing the  barbaric and danger crime to be continued .At the same time they  refuse millions people ( in fact majority of the world ) pleads to regulate the law and ban YULIN AND TO BAN THE DOGS AND CATS MEAT TRADE- the unspeakable act of torture and disrespect to life in general. Many people from those dismissed millions suffers from serious depression under constant  the mental torture caused by public horrifying long and painful cruelty and death of defenceless animals killed in China for entertainment

They have the effrontery to close the embassy door to the crowd handing  petition with 11 million signatures. This action shows  no concern about emotional and mental health of millions rejected people

Chinese government ignore petitions. In civilised world petitions represent the voice of the humanity, citizens from all parts of  the globe including citizens from China.

This is a petition to ask for the global fund for China to be withdrawn until China government will regulate their law against animals cruelty and ban the dogs and cats meat trade. This petition should be presented to the GLOBAL FUND organisation and the Human Rights Commission

Please support the petition. A country which ignore  human conventions and violate the law should not  be supported by the global fund until they express theirs attempt to end the barbaric intolerable crime and animals cruelty and they will start respecting humanity. China is a big trade partner with Korea which also benefit from global fund support


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