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Petitioning Chairman Wilkinson and the Colorado Water Conservation Board

Ask The State Of Colorado To Protect The Green And Colorado Rivers, Say No To Flaming Gorge Pipeline


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This petition is now closed.  The vote by the Colorado Water Conservation Board occurred on Sept. 14th.  Your voice made a difference!  Your efforts to speak out changed the public dialog resulting in over 2 dozen news stories in TV, radio, and print, and considerable public pressure. Significantly, the Colorado Water Conservation Board cut the funding for this proposal in third and limited the scope down to a few months rather than multiple years.  In addition, the Board issued this statement saying that its vote does not mean it supports the Pipeline:   "this vote was not an affirmation of the project itself, or any aspect of it, but the approval of a process to encourage roundtable discussion of issues surrounding any project."

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As population increases along the Front Range of Colorado, from Pueblo to Fort Collins, some developers and water utilities have proposed projects to ship and sell more water to the region. One extreme proposal is to take 81 billion gallons of water every year out of the Green River at Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwest Wyoming and pump it 560 miles across Wyoming, up and over the Continental Divide, and down to Colorado. This proposal – called the “Flaming Gorge Pipeline” – could cost up to $9 billion. If it were constructed, it would deliver water at a price that would be the most expensive in Colorado’s history.

The true cost only begins with the outrageous financial figures. The environmental damage would be severe. A world-class trout fishery, the ecosystem within Dinosaur National Monument, and other important habitat would be harmed by the project. This, in turn, would hurt the local tourism economy, and take away recreational opportunities that are the core of our Western way of life. This great river system and the people who depend upon it need your help to speak up for its protection!

On September 13, 2011, the Colorado Water Conservation Board – which is appointed by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper – will consider a $150,000 grant request from a regional water authority pushing the Flaming Gorge Pipeline to create a special task force to study the proposed project. There are existing stakeholder forums, such as the Interbasin Compact Committee, that can, and are, evaluating this project and others, but the pipeline’s proponents want a special process with their rules and their participants. We are petitioning the Colorado Water Conservation Board to deny this grant request – taxpayer money should not used to study or support a project that would irrevocably damage Colorado’s rivers.

Please sign the petition. You do not have to live in Colorado to sign – anyone, anywhere who wants to protect the Green River and the Colorado River can sign on.

We thank you for your support!

Colorado Conservation Organizations Requesting Your Help:   American Rivers, American Whitewater, Clean Water Fund, Colorado Conservation Voters, Colorado Environmental Coalition, Colorado Whitewater Association, Earthjustice, Environment Colorado,  Food and Water Watch, High Country Citizens’ Alliance, National Parks Conservation Association, Sierra Club - Rocky Mountain Chapter, Rocky Mountain Wild, Save the Colorado, Save the Poudre, Sheep Mountain Alliance, Western Resource Advocates

Now is the time to start saving the Colorado, not destroying it further with projects like the Flaming Gorge Pipeline.

Letter to
Chairman Wilkinson and the Colorado Water Conservation Board
At your September meeting, your board will consider a request for $150,000 to study the feasibility of the extremely controversial Flaming Gorge Pipeline. I respectfully request that you deny this request to use money from Colorado’s taxpayers to study this financially impracticable and environmentally destructive water project.

The Flaming Gorge Pipeline is projected to cost up to $9 billion. Securing that capital, especially in our current economic and political environment, is unlikely, if not impossible. Our local, state and federal governments are not in a position to take on massive new debt. Furthermore, if the pipeline were constructed, a financial analysis indicates that it would deliver the most expensive water in Colorado’s history. Spending taxpayer money now to create a review of a project with such an unrealistic financial underpinning would be an irresponsible use of public money.

Unfortunately, the cost to Coloradans would only begin with the outrageous financial figures associated with the Flaming Gorge pipeline. As 81 billion gallons of water would be drained from the Green River each year, critical habitat would be irreparably harmed. A world class trout fishery would be damaged. The ecosystem within Dinosaur National Monument would be negatively impacted. The related tourism and recreation businesses would suffer losses, and Coloradans would lose recreational opportunities that are at the core of our Western way of life.

The Colorado River ecosystem is already severely depleted from the top of the basin in Colorado all the way to the bottom where it no longer meets the Gulf of California in Mexico. About 5 trillion gallons of water – the entire flow of the Colorado – is diverted from the river each year. Removing even more water from the Green River and Colorado River basin at Flaming Gorge Reservoir will further deplete this great river system and exacerbate environmental and water supply conflicts along the Colorado River and its tributaries in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Southern California, and Mexico.

This wildly expensive, environmentally destructive, and controversial project does not meet the threshold of common sense that Coloradans expect. We must work together to find a smarter, more sustainable way forward with respect to Colorado’s water policy.

Please stand up for Coloradans by using their money wisely and by protecting West Slope communities, Colorado’s recreation economy, and the Green River and Colorado River ecosystem – please do not support funding for the Flaming Gorge Pipeline.


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