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Ask the San Jose Sharks: End Shark Fin Soup Around The World!

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Sharkie, the official mascot of the San Jose Sharks, needs your help.

Shark fin soup is to blame for an estimated 70 million sharks killed every year, 260,000 every day.  The vast majority of sharks are hunted for their fins and then discarded in the ocean.  Approximately 10 bowls of soup kills one shark.  It is an unsustainable Chinese tradition which must end if we are to protect our sharks from extinction.  Without the sharks, we lose the top predators in our ocean, causing our ecosystem to collapse.  

California Assembly Bill 376, would make illegal the sale, importation or distribution of shark fin in California.  Chinese-American Assemblyman Paul Fong (D-Cupertino), a San Jose native and co-sponsor of this bill, needs your support in the coming months for this bill to pass. 

Since California is the largest consumer of shark fin outside of China, this would be a significant step towards ending this thousand year tradition.  Since China's middle class is growing quickly, it is crucial that we take immediate action to stop shark fin soup.

The San Jose hockey team can use it's influence among not only their fans but audiences around the world, to raise awareness on this environmental issue.  NBA star Yao Ming, one of the biggest stars in China, is a prominent voice against shark fin soup.

Please ask the San Jose Sharks to reach out to fans.  Let's save sharks around the world from being killed for a bowl of soup.

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