Petitioning Pirates' Manager of Diversity Initiatives Chaz Kellem and 3 others

Ask the Pittsburgh Pirates to make a video for the "It Gets Better Project"


We are asking the Pittsburgh Pirates to take a public stance against the bullying of LGBTQ youth in our community and across the nation.  The Pirates have hosted "Pride Night at PNC" park going back to 2004 and have embraced and treated respectfully the local LGBTQ community.

This step builds on that foundation to send a message to all fans that the team recognizes the damage of bullying.

The Pirates have agreed to consider this request. We are asking for more signatures to urge them to film this video during the off season. 

Letter to
Pirates' Manager of Diversity Initiatives Chaz Kellem
Vice President Community & Public Affairs Patricia Paytas
Chairman of the Board Bob Nutting
and 1 other
President Frank Coonelly
Recently, multiple teams across Major League Baseball have created videos against LGBTQ bullying which has received more and more attention over the past years. Dan Savage created the "It Gets Better Project" as a mechanism for adults to speak directly to young people who may be experiencing bully.

We urge the Pirates to join their colleagues with the Giants and other teams that have taken their position as role models seriously enough to speak out against this epidemic. We appreciate that they understand the damage and sometimes fatal outcomes of being bullyied.

It is not controversial to stand up for all youth to grow up in an environment that is safe. Doing so can send a powerful message to the young fans of the Pirates.

Thus far, the Pirates organization has been receptive to the idea. We are creating this petition to give fans a chance to weigh in on the decision to make a video.

Thank you.

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