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It’s no secret that homophobia is alive and well in professional sports. In recent weeks, we’ve seen anti-gay slurs and incidents of harassment take place in professional baseball and football, and to this day there is still not one openly LGBT athlete in any major pro sport.

The basketball team the Phoenix Suns, however, have been leaders in professional sports when it comes to discussing LGBT issues. The team’s  former President, Rick Welts, announced last year that he was gay, becoming one of the highest-profile sports executives to come out. And several players on the team, including Grant Hill and Steve Nash, have talked about the need to stop anti-gay bullying, and support the equal rights of LGBT Americans.

So far, no professional basketball team has decided to make an “It Gets Better” video. It’s time to change that. Let’s urge the Phoenix Suns to be that team, and set an example for the entire National Basketball Association (NBA) by being the team to create the first “It Gets Better” video in the league.

Letter to
President, Phoenix Suns Brad Casper
Vice President of Basketball Communications, Phoenix Suns Julie Fie
Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs Tanya Wheeless
Last year, the San Francisco Giants became the first professional sports team to create an “It Gets Better” video -- joining more than 10,000 others in a video project aimed at ending the anti-gay bullying and harassment that all too many kids face in school.

While this is great news, so far no team in the National Basketball Association (NBA) has made a video for the “It Gets Better” project. I hope the Phoenix Suns can be the first team to make one.

The Suns are in a unique position to be the first pro-basketball team to take this step. Suns superstars like Steve Nash and Grant Hill spoke out about issues like stopping anti-gay bullying. And the former President of the Suns, Rick Welts, became one of the highest-ranking sports executives to come out as openly gay.

Indeed, given this rich history, the Suns would be the perfect team to make an “It Gets Better” video, and send a message to LGBT youth that there is hope for a better world amidst a culture of bullying and harassment in schools.

Please take this step. It would be a huge milestone for the NBA, for professional sports, and for the countless numbers of gay kids who walk the halls of their schools feeling unsafe because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Thank you for your time,

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