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Ask the Los Angeles Dodgers to make an "It Gets Better" video

The San Francisco Giants announced last week that they will be the first professional Baseball team to join the "It Gets Better" project after more than 6000 people signed a petition on started by Giants fan Sean Chapin.

Did you know that not one male player in the four major American pro sports has come out as gay?

Help to make a change and take a stand against anti-gay bullying. Let's get the Dodgers to make an "It Gets Better" video. 

Letter to
Owner & Chairman Frank McCourt
General Manager Ned Colletti
Vice President, Communications Josh Rawitch
and 1 other
Manager, Neighborhood Relations Noel Pallais
It was amazing to hear the San Francisco Giants are becoming the first American pro team to create an "It gets better" video.

I am writing for you to create a video that the City of Los Angeles, and Dodger fans everywhere can be proud of. It is a simple and effective way to remind gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender youth that they are not alone, and that it gets better.

In all four major American pro sports, not one male has come out as gay. Help to create a better pro athlete model for youth all across America. Make an "it gets better" video.

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