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Ask Starbucks to Brew Fair Trade Coffee in All Their U.S. Stores

Starbucks is one of the largest buyers of coffee in the world. Yet out of the dozens of coffee options they sell, only two are Fair Trade certified. And getting a single cup of Fair Trade coffee in a Starbucks store can be next to impossible. Starbucks claims that any store has to brew a pot of Fair Trade coffee if a customer asks for a cup. But in reality, that rarely happens. Starbucks needs to offer brewed Fair Trade coffee in all its U.S. stores as a regular offering and publicize the availability of Fair Trade coffee.

By making the decision to brew Fair Trade coffee in all its U.S. stores, Starbucks could single-handedly bolster the Fair Trade movement in a way no other company can. Brewed Fair Trade coffee in Starbucks stores would mean more Fair Trade coffee growers, more living wages in the coffee industry, and more consumers exposed to delicious Fair Trade coffee. That, in turn, will mean less exploitation and slavery in the coffee industry.

Ask Starbucks to offer brewed Fair Trade coffee in all its U.S. stores.

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