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Ask South African Airlines to Ban Transport of Trophy Animals

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Dear Friends at South African Airways and your external PR,

As you surely know, there is a colossal media campaign going on to STOP trophy hunting, and a plethora of airlines as well as freight companies like FedEx have immediately instituted a ban on the transport of hunting trophies. I recently read with chagrin, that South African Airways has just lifted their own ban on this heinous practice. This petition is meant to kindly ask you to join forces with the other major international brands, who clearly see a moral obligation to stop encouraging the practice, which by turn encourages the hunting and poaching of majestic, endangered African wildlife.

Be good Africans and world citizens, and reinstate the ban now. I speak for your children and their children.


Alisa Evdokimov and future generations, yours, mine and ours.

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