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Petitioning Sierra Club, National Michael Brune, Executive Director and 2 others

Ask Sierra Club to Lead a Nationwide Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing


Hydraulic fracturing is gravely destructive to air, water, land, and human health. It also has a significant negative impact on the climate crisis. Hydraulic fracturing is an environmental and human health catastrophe and must be prohibited immediately.

Letter to
Sierra Club, National Michael Brune, Executive Director
Sierra Club Board of Directors, National
Director, Beyond Natural Gas Campaign Deb Nardone
Dear Michael Brune:

People from around the country are coming together to ask why their local, state, and federal governments are not helping to protect their communities from water contamination, toxic air pollution, public health issues, and wildlife ecosystem destruction as the result of hydraulic fracturing. We are asking the same about Sierra Club.

Given the investigative reporting that continues to provide concrete evidence of accounts of water contamination, people becoming seriously ill who live close to fracking well sites, animals dying after exposure to hydraulic fracturing fluids, and the unknown health issues that will surface in the coming years, we ask the Sierra Club to take a leadership role in calling for a nationwide ban on mining that uses hydraulic fracturing.

In the Sierra Club’s 2013 Annual Fund appeal to members, you were quoted as saying:

“Natural gas exploration corporations want to keep fracking with reckless abandon, risking permanent damage to our water systems and prolonging our dependence on the most destructive climate-changing fossil fuels.”


Therefore we are asking you, Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, to listen to the voices of the people and the environment, and do the right thing by leading a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing.

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