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It is not the time to expand the list of Chinese food products allowed into the United States. In addition to ongoing problems with China's food safety standards and inspection system, nothing has changed since U.S. inspectors found filthy and unsanitary conditions in Chinese poultry processing facilities.

We need to let the USDA know that consumers don't want more unsafe food products. Our health is not a political game! 

Take action to make sure chicken from China doesn't end up on your plate.

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Letter to
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack
Food Safety Inspection Services
I urge you to take China off the list of countries that can export poultry to the United States. Food & Water Watch recently filed a petition to remove China from the list of eligible exporters of poultry products.

In their petition, Food & Water Watch exposed the fact that the USDA process for approving poultry imports from China has been flawed, and that serious mistakes have been made due to pressure on the agency to allow the imports to begin as soon as possible.

China’s food safety system is virtually non-existent, and the USDA needs to do a thorough evaluation of whether this is a country that can safely produce processed poultry products for the U.S. market. The USDA shouldn’t rush through the process for political reasons. Our health and safety is more important.


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