Please Santos, Stop Supporting The Dairy Industry

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Please join me in asking Santos Organics to stop supporting the dairy industry once and for all. 

Santos is valued by the people of the Byron Shire as a community health food store that strives to bring healthy, organic and predominantly vegan foods to locals and visitors alike. They have maintained their commitment to vegetarianism over the years and send a powerful message to others through this decision. However, we ask that Santos stop supporting the exploitation of animals altogether and want to reiterate that the dairy industry is no better, is unacceptable and is completely unnecessary. 

The dairy industry is inherently cruel and is based on the practice of separating babies from their mothers. Santos pride themselves on sourcing their dairy products from Organic and Biodynamic farms across Australia and have recently questioned their suppliers about the treatment of their cows, the practice of separating babies from their mothers, the life span of the animals, the conditions in which they are raised, de-horning of calves and so on.

After reading the audit of the questions proposed to their suppliers and the answers from these farmers, the farmers stress that the animal's treatment is at the forefront of their priorities. However we argue that any animal use is wrong and the farmers are not going to disclose all information regarding their practices in fear of losing custom and money. 

It is also clear in the answers by the farmers that most calves are de-horned, most male calves are sold and raised for meat, and all cow's who become too old or sick are sent to local slaughterhouses.

This is not an industry that can ever avoid the exploitation and abuse of the animals involved and 'Certified Organic' or 'Certified Biodynamic' does not eliminate this reality.

Cow's milk is also completely unnecessary and actually detrimental to human health. It is contradictory and disingenuous for Santos to stand against the meat industry and promote a healthy lifestyle whilst simultaneously selling dairy products to customers which is harmful to the animals, the environment and our own health. 

We believe that Santos Organics have the power to make profound changes that the community listen to and respect, such as the most recent decision to eliminate all use of disposable cups. Decisions such as this are extremely powerful in setting an example to the community.

In view of this we think it is time to ask that Santos make a stand once and for all against all animal exploitation and send a clear message to customers that the dairy industry is unacceptable for animals, unhealthy for humans and unsustainable for the planet.

We ask Santos to be the voice for this change, to align their values with their actions and to stop supporting this industry.

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