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Ask Rt Hon Theresa May 'immediately stop aid to Malawi' after new law passed Criminalizing Lesbians


New law just passed in Malawi:

Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika has just signed a bill into law that makes Sex between two Women a crime.

Please read the Press Release from the International Commission of Jurists


Please help T.I.G.R.O. put pressure on Rt Hon Theresa May to stop the UK Government sending any more aid to Malawi unitl Malawi's Government  complies with its Human Rights commitments under international law


The USA have already delayed the release of $350 million in grants amid the concerns of the new laws.

Last week Germany withheld half the $33 million in foreign aid promised to Malawi because of the Criminalisation of homosexuality and the restriction of press freedom

The Global Fund recently rejected Malawi's application for $560 million


Please help TIGRO stop the UK's aid and sign this petition to the Home Secretary Rt Hon Theresa May

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