Petition Closed

Update: Three retailers have dropped Foie gras. The Feather's Hotel, The French Pantry and De Greys. Thank you so much to everyone that signed!

Foie Gras is the fatty liver from Ducks and Geese who are force fed several times a day. This force feeding is carried out to make the birds liver swell to over 10 times it's natural size. This often making the birds incredibly sick and unable to move due to uncontrollable shaking. Certain retailers find it acceptable to sell the product despite the known cruelty involved because they know they can sell it for a high price and view it as a delicious delicacy.

Regardless of its taste and the profit that can be made, torturing ducks and geese is inexcusable and must be stopped. Please send an email to these cruel retailers telling them your frustration at their continued selling of this product and your outrage at their promotion of animal cruelty. This petition targets restaurants, small retailers as well as well known 'Gormet' retailers.

If any of these companies email you back saying they will stop selling Foie Gras please email Action for our Planet:

Letter to
The Gourmet Food store
Euro Grocer
King's Fine Food
and 6 others
Finest Wine
Nicolas Wine
Deli on the Square
Dinham hall Hotel
The Good Food Network
I find it disgraceful that you sell Foie Gras from ducks and geese that are force fed several times a day to fatten up their livers. This process involves a metal tube being pushed into the throat of the Duck or Goose pumping 2 kilograms of fat or grain into their stomachs. This fattens up the livers of the bird to 10 times it’s natural size. The birds become very sick, diseased and often immobile. The throats of the birds can become torn causing painful and bloody wounds that do not receive vetenary care. The death rates among force fed birds are around 1,000 to 2,000 percent higher than birds that are not force fed. Retailers including Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Selfridges have all stopped selling foie gras because they are aware of the cruelty involved and the upset it causes too consumers. The production of Foie has been condemned by Prince Charles and Pope Benedict XVI who see the production as cruel.

Please watch this video narrated by Actress Kate Winslet to see the cruelty Ducks & Geese suffer:

I urge you to immediately cease selling this cruel product and stop supporting animal cruelty. I am fully prepared to boycott your business if you continue to sell Foie Gras.

Thank you for your time.