Private School Fee Hike for 2020-21 #COVID-19

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We live in unprecedented times. No human being ever alive has seen anything like that of Covid-19 and its impact, a WHO-declared pandemic. Many have lost jobs, businesses are running dry and above all the ones with jobs suffer pay cuts.
But if there is any business that is earning as usual without providing the services they ought to offer, it is the private schools. Many schools announced the fee structure for the next academic, parents signed up with the hope that things would just remain as is. Nobody expected Covid-19 to turn their lives upside down. Despite troublesome times, private schools continue to demand fee payment from parents at a hiked price.
We have no clue when the schools will reopen. We don't know when we will head back to work. Amidst all this, I received an intimation from the school regarding asking me to pay the fee. How can I pay the school fee when there are so many uncertainties? Besides hiking school fees, these schools have also hiked transport fees and expect us to pay without knowing when schools will start functioning for the academic year 2020-21.

I have personally known friends who have lost jobs and are in a bad state financially and can't afford to pay the school fees. They cant even withdraw admission of their children now because there is no way they will get admission in other schools so close to opening of schools. It is unfair that the schools expect us to pay the hiked fee. So dear parents, do join my fight against the schools who are being insensitive to the situation.
I am asking the education minister of Karnataka to regulate school fee hike and requesting the government to ask private schools to roll back the hike.

We request you to rollback fee hike & make fee payment as monthly with no extra charge.