Patreon: Pull the Plug on Peterson!

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Patreon: Pull the Plug on Peterson!

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In October of this year, controversial public speaker and defunct University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson doxed two young people in response to protests against his stances on hate speech and open affiliations with and support from known Nazis (such as the Editor of racist "Your Ward News") and white supremacists (like "Winston Smith", seen mostly recently wheat-pasting those ridiculous flyers around Toronto saying "It's Okay To Be White"). 

Jordan Peterson earns a significant amount of money through his Patreon account. These actions, however, are in direct conflict with Patreon's stances on doxing. 

Patreon has a statement on doxing which reads,

We take a strong stance against doxing because it is used to silence or intimidate people with different viewpoints on the internet. It can cause extensive emotional trauma, and can put the victim’s physical safety at risk.

The most classic form of doxing is when an individual’s private personal information is shared. This could be information such as a phone number or home address. The definition of private personal information can vary, and may mean that it is simply very difficult to find.

We also consider it to be doxing when an individual’s non-private information is aggregated. For example, we would consider it doxing if someone’s profile picture was combined with their real name, all of their known social media accounts, and the city they lived in.

No matter the specific information shared, we also evaluate the context around why it was shared. If it looks like this information is being shared for the purpose of making it easier for a large group to harass that individual, we are likely to consider it doxing.

When doxing takes place, we lose the ability to have conversations. Doxing isn’t speech countering speech, it is speech shutting down others’ ability to speak. It removes our ability to discuss ideas, grow as individuals and have a safe space for disagreement."

[Tl,dr; Doxing is the sharing of a person's personal information in a public setting for malicious purposes in a setting where said material would not normally be shared so openly. ]

The sharing of these "doxing posts" has been extensive. The activists were not just doxed on Twitter, but on both Peteron's public and private Facebook pages. Despite being asked to take down the posts by one of the "doxxed", the posts remain as this is being written. It is impossible to know the extent of the damage done to both person's lives. Many Peterson supporters have gone to the extent of slandering the activists on their unrelated business/work pages. 

An even larger number of supporters have sent threats and hate mail to the activists. Some have even gone so far as to write to the activists' friends and family members. Jordan Peterson shared the profiles of these activists in three different areas; his Twitter, his personal Facebook account, and his professional Facebook account. His actions have had clear consequences. 

This doxing is a gross violation of Patreon's written policy. Profiting from this behavior is reprehensible. This needs to be addressed by Patreon immediately. Inaction on behalf of Patreon in this regard would constitute enablement. 

Please sign this petition. It is important that we keep people accountable for their behavior. We need you to take action, and we need you to do it today. You can click here to see more information on Patreon's stance on doxing.


We need you to do one last thing. Click here to report Peterson's page to Patreon. The more people who do this the better. 

It's going to ask you for Jordan Peterson's Patreon page, so click here and copy the url. It will then ask you what guidelines it violates, so click "other" and write, "doxing". It will ask for a brief explanation of the situation, so you can copy the following statement if you like:

  • Jordan Peterson doxed two activists this October. This goes against Patreon's guidelines on doxing and needs to be addressed immediately. 

Finally, Patreon is going to want proof of what happened. Here are the links to the twitter "dox" posts, as well as an article for context:


 Thank you friend. 


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This petition had 833 supporters

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