Ask Oprah to call for an official World Undiagnosed Day!

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Let's declare March 5th World Undiagnosed Day! We will recognize: - People who have yet to find out why they are sick - People who struggled for years to find a diagnosis - Family members and friends who support their undiagnosed loved ones - Healthcare practitioners who take on challenging diagnoses - Organizations and individuals who work on the behalf of undiagnosed patients - Scientists and inventors who work to develop diagnostic tools - Medical researchers who work to identify new diseases Most long-undiagnosed patients live day in and day out with a sense of impending doom. Without a known cause for their symptoms, they don’t know why their bodies are malfunctioning or how to interpret the seriousness of their situation. Since few undiagnosed patients are doctors, they don’t have the necessary language, training and access to a medical professional, and are left to travel a foreign land without a map, compass or guide, gambling countless dollars on the chance that the road they are on will lead them to relief in the form a cure, healing, or at least answers. Let’s take the opportunity to express our support and encouragement to people with undiagnosed diseases on March 5th, and give a message of hope that they’re not on their journey alone. Ellen Berry, Founder   

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