Stop Bobby Bostic from serving an unconstitutional 241-year prison sentence

Stop Bobby Bostic from serving an unconstitutional 241-year prison sentence

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State Of Missouri-Governor's Office, 201 W Capitol Ave, Jefferson City, MO 65101 Governor Michael L. Parson

Why this petition matters

Started by Bobby Bostic

When Bobby Bostic was a child, he did a stupid thing. Encouraged by and alongside an adult friend, 16-year-old Bobby robbed two people at gunpoint, firing a single shot which grazed one of them. The pair robbed and briefly detained another person shortly afterwards. Nobody was seriously injured.

Bobby's adult co-defendant was given 30 years. Bobby was given 241 years for the exact same crime, making him eligible for parole when he was 112. The judge, Evelyn Baker, said that she was making an example out of him because he did not take the plea bargain, and stacked his sentences consecutively.

Bobby has now been in prison for 26 years. He has completed over 50 education and rehabilitation courses, including his GED and an associated degree from Adams State University. He is currently completing a bachelors and has also published seven books.

Due to a change in the law, in December 2021 Bobby became eligible for parole, and was given a release date of November 9, 2022. Bobby was allowed to take one person to advocate for his release at his parole hearing. He chose Evelyn Baker. Baker and Bobby have become good friends, and the former judge says his 241 years sentence is the only one she regrets giving during her entire career. 

Even though Bobby now has a release date, as his original sentence was 241 years, this means he will be subject to heavy parole conditions for the rest of his life, and could even have his parole revoked at any moment, even without committing a crime.

We ask Missouri Governor Michael L. Parson to commute Bobby's sentence be giving him clemency, and allowing him to fully reintegrate back into society. None of Bobby's victims are opposed to him being given clemency, and some have written letters of support for him.

10,942 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!