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As you have recently seen, a lot of women of all colors/creeds are extremely repulsed by Medela and are being vocal on Facebook and Twitter about it. Your choice to remove your only visible Facebook support for Black Breastfeeding Week has pushed a lot of pregnant women/moms away from your brand. Not only are women insulted by your choice to remove rather than monitor your support for BBW 15, we also notice that more than 95% of your Medela video and photo content features hardly any women or babies of color. 

For a trusted brand like Medela to be this segregated in a public forum is shocking. Mark Zuckerberg himself noted that Facebook recently saw 1 billion users in a single day.* Why would you remove an informational post, geared toward a segment of women in need, on such an essential platform of communication? Posts can be sufficiently monitored and racist comments can be deleted and blocked. A badge would have been amazing, a cover photo anything else to show support would’ve sent a strong signal of support. Why wasn’t any of this ever done?

Katie, you yourself most likely do not have creative control over actors/models/content featured but you have a voice within Medela to speak-up. All races of women have been commenting and noticing how your content is not very inclusive at all. I never expected for my complaint to garner so much support from moms everywhere, who want change for this brand that they have placed their trust in. I am not a mother yet but I have the time and capability to research brands before baby is even conceived. Medela was a brand that I trusted from word of mouth. Seeing your lack of action during this BBW has shifted my opinion on your brand. I no longer aspire to purchase or place a Medela Freestyle on my 2019 registry.

Ask yourself a few questions:

How would you feel if you were apart of the 58% of African-American women who are or want to breastfeed & you browse Medela's Facebook? Would you feel that you are invited to speak here?

Would you buy a product that has caved to the pressure of white women calling for a brand to boycott of BBW 15, after the brand itself visibly removed their one visible post?

This is much more than your action taken one day of the Black Breastfeeding Week on Facebook. We are calling for a change in Medela itself. If you can not publicly stand by ALL moms, our dollars will not stand by you. If you are willing to risk losing moms that support each other as we have shown you, please continue to ignore us. If you would like to start a conversation in a Google Hangout or a simple post on your Facebook page asking us our needs, we would greatly appreciate your gesture to resolve this issue. 

Showing support to moms who need it, is NOT racist. Showing support to mothers and pregnant women who need and want breastfeeding information is NOT creating segregation. Medela, please stand up and be the change that we all want to see in the world. 


Black Breastfeeding Week Supporter 


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I just want to make this clear, Katie the rep that responded is not the person we have an issue with. It's Medela itself for not being inclusive. Do not direct anything to Katie but do send a message to the company. Medela has to face us who want change, not their reps. 

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