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Fred Olsen ~ Stop Cruising To The Faroe Islands

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By visiting the Faroe Islands you are supporting the economy of a country which is slaughtering pilot whales and dolphins in high numbers despite disgust from the rest of Europe and the world.

Pilot whales are renowned for the intense and close nature of their society. At the time of slaughter most of these animals are pregnant or with calf. None survive, none are shown any compassion. By killing these cetaceans they are wiping out a complete genetic pool and future generations.

 As well as supporting this economy, there is a very real chance that passengers aboard your liner may see a "grind".

Thrashing and turning in a scarlet sea, the pilot whales cannot escape the knife blows raining down. Once driven into the shallows, they are forced to bathe in the blood of their relatives and companions, their distress is palpable.This can happen at any beach deemed suitable for a slaughter.

 Already this year, 3 grinds have taken place while cruise liners have been docked at the Faroe Islands.The Fred Olsen liner BlackWatch was one of them. Docked on the 5th of July, a grind was called. The result ~ the slaughter of 70 pilot whales.

This horrific spectacle is much more frequent than you think. 900+ whales and dolphins have been killed since May 21st this year.

The Faroe islanders do not stop the slaughter for tourists. An international football match was being held on the Faroe Islands. While the travelling support were making their way to the game, they happened to see a grind taking place. The words of one fan ~ "They were hacking the whales to bits on the beach! The blood was everywhere. I will never ever be back! it was terrible"

Please think on this. Is this what you want your passengers lasting memory of their vacation aboard your liner to be? 



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