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When I found out that I had alopecia universalis two years ago, I thought it was a death sentence. I had always prided myself on my curly locks; they had been with me since childhood. Only when my thick hair began to fall out in handfuls did I realize how much I identified myself by those curls. I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to feel beautiful, to be loved, or be confident again, not when being bald was such a contrast to society’s image of “beautiful.” I started wearing wigs, hoping to regain my confidence or society's approval... but all I gained were panic attacks in my car or public restrooms, terrified someone would learn my big secret.
It wasn’t until I began volunteering at Medical City Children’s Hospital’s oncology ward that I was shown how truly beautiful I was. These brave, amazingly wise kids taught me to see how blessed I am to be uniquely beautiful; these children – many of them under a “death sentence” –had freed me from hiding under my wigs.
It was in the oncology ward that I first saw an “Ella” Barbie doll. A bald doll! What an amazing gift – and one that was well-cherished! Several of the little girls in the ward would receive chemotherapy while clutching these dolls, an act that boosted their spirits despite such a painful physical and emotional process.
Even though more “Ella” dolls have been produced and delivered to hospitals and alopecia patients since the first release in 2012, many girls will never get the opportunity to own – much less see – one.
I believe that Mattel has an obligation to these children, to sell “Ella” online, so that every girl and woman, regardless of whether they have hair or not, can have the life-changing realization that “Ella” showed me. Ella is not society’s stereotypical image of beauty; she proves that true beauty is the confidence and bravery to boldly boast who you are and to revel in your differences.
Who better to continue to reinforce this lesson than the company who made an iconic fashionista, Barbie, and now her friend Ella? A company whose decision to break the mold of “what a doll should look like” has changed lives, not only children’s but their parents' as well... and maybe, just maybe, Mattel can continue to change the lives of even more, like the people who had curly locks once upon a time but no longer now, with a cherished doll that proves beauty is the confidence to be you.

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