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A new law in Missouri threatens to shut down all but one of its abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood went to court and got a temporary injunction to prevent the closures.

Last month it was reported that the governor's chief of staff, Ed Martin, contacted anti-choice groups to coordinate their efforts against the lawsuit. He did this from his official government email address while on tax-payer time.

When asked to disclose other emails between his office and anti-choice groups, Martin claimed that his office does not keep email records even though the law requires it for three years! What else are they hiding??

Email Ed Martin to find out.

His email to anti-choice advocates that we already know about said: "This lawsuit has the potential of bringing down the a2a [alternatives to abortion] program as well as the other parts of 1055. We need to mobilize the supporters — to get Nixon off the case and get a new lawyer. Please have people write letters and call Nixon and the press. We need you to put out press statements asap. This is a huge battle."

Letter to
Chief of Staff to Governor Blunt Ed Martin
In response to a request from a reporter about emails to anti-choice advocates, your office claimed it did not have them saved. If this is the case, then your office is in violation of record retention laws.

I am disturbed that you would use tax-payer time and an official government email address to coordinate the legal battle over HB1055 in such a partisan manner.

Tax-payers are entitled to know what other correspondence you've had with anti-choice organizations. Turn over those emails and prove that you don't have anything to hide.

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