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Stop allowing your site to be used to abuse victims on twitter. Remove "@" and "#" from questions. Also, give people the ability to remove their twitter handle from being used in an ask.  is currently being used by stalkers and bullies to inflict pain on vulnerable people.

Hannah Smith, 14, was found hanged in her bedroom at the family home in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, by her sister two weeks ago.

She was bullied by other users on the website, which lets people ask anonymous questions of anyone on the network, inviting answers. Hannah killed herself after anonymous users sent messages encouraging her to self-harm.

Daniel, from Dunfermline in Fife, died on 15 July. Police Scotland confirmed that officers were investigating the circumstances surrounding his death and urged anyone experiencing cyberbullying to report it.

It has been reported that anonymous users on the social media website had urged the teenager to kill himself about three months before he died.

Feminists who dare to talk about equality are also under attack on social networks and is a very popular tool for the attackers to use.

Trigger Warning for offensive language and sexual violence.

There was the circumventing blocking on twitter by using – this involved my harassers asking questions of other people on, that included my twitter handle, which meant that when that person answered one of these questions, I got tweeted. The “questions” varied from rape threats to publishing what they thought was my home address. And the questions were asked hundreds and hundreds of times, so that they filled up my twitter mentions. And I can tell you that on the day this type of abuse was at its worst, I broke down completely, utterly overwhelmed, starting to think that it was never going to end. By this point, it had been going on for a week.

I have also been a victim of where my abuser wished some of the most hateful and vile things towards me including death threats, wishing me to commit suicide and even worse.

·         Why don’t you do the world a favor and kill yourself?

·         How does it feel knowing you will be lonely the rest of your life because nobody wants a freak like you?

·         So you want to be a girl? I’ll make you into a girl…….. with my hunting knife.

·         Please kill yourself now. Thank you.

·         The f*ggot who punched you out and crushed your eye socket should have done more. Die trans scum., do we have your attention now? Good! Here is what you can do NOW to help stop this bullying and physical abuse via the Internet.

1.       Remove the ability for people to include the ‘@’ symbol. This will take away the attacker’s ability to contact the user directly from

2.       Remove the ability for people to include the “#” symbol. This will take away the attacker’s ability to abuse a victim who is watching a specific hashtag

3.       Give users the ability to opt out of their twitter handle being used in asks. Self-explanatory.

1 and 2 should be easy enough to implement without much coding. 3 may take a bit more work but it needs to be done. Victims of abuse will appreciate your efforts.

Thank you.

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