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Help beautiful and mysterious pangolins by featuring them in an animated movie!

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I love animals and if you do too, I hope you will help me save incredible mammals called pangolins. When I read a CNN story about how this highly endangered animal is nearing extinction, I knew I needed to do something to help because this is the most trafficked animal in the world. I'm asking Disney to feature a pangolin in a future movie because it's such a great way to educate people around the world about the need to save pangolins!   This isn't just personal to me because I love animals and am a fan of Disney. As a Chinese-American, I also want to speak up because the demand in China is helping drive the demand for pangolins to be killed for meat and medicines. I can tell you many Chinese citizens do not support this cruelty, and I believe we can bring wildlife advocates from around the world together to ask Disney to take this simple, fun, positive step to help pangolins.   I believe education and exposure to this curious creature are paramount in saving it. With your help on this petition, I ask Disney to feature a pangolin in an animated film to bring awareness to this creature the same way many people have come to love elephants, tigers, and other animals after seeing them in cartoons.   From a child's perspective, this is the animal they've dreamed of. The pangolin, by all accounts, is a mysterious and elusive creature. Some people say they look like walking pine cones or artichokes. They are known to be shy at first, becoming friendly once they get to know you. When frightened, they roll up into a little ball until its safe to come out. By providing this animal with a platform, we can work with Disney to get the public interested in them and then use that momentum to pass laws and inspire the public about the need to save the world's most trafficked animal.   As John Sutter from CNN says, "The pangolin would make a great cartoon character: shy, curious and able to roll down hills like a basketball. The heroic introvert!"   Will you please sign to help save the awesome pangolins?


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