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Ask Corrections Corp. of America to report on efforts to reduce prison rape!

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Prison rape and sexual abuse is a significant social and public policy issue, particularly in the private prison industry where companies operate correctional facilities for profit. CCA, the nation's largest private prison company, has a moral duty and obligation to take steps to reduce incidents of sexual assault at its facilities, and to make those efforts public.

To accomplish that goal, I have submitted a shareholder resolution that would require CCA to issue bi-annual reports on its efforts to reduce incidents of prisoner rape and sexual abuse at CCA-operated facilities. The reports would include statistical data for all such incidents that occur at CCA facilities during each reporting period, in order to identify problem facilities and to gauge the effectiveness of CCA's efforts to reduce sexual assaults.

CCA objected to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and tried to have the resolution excluded; however, the SEC ruled in my favor and the resolution will be heard at the company's next annual meeting on May 10, 2012 in Nashville, TN.

For some media coverage on this issue, including a great article in the Guardian, please check out:


Sadly, CCA's board of directors, including Thurgood Marshall, Jr., has recommended that stockholders vote AGAINST the resolution requiring CCA to report on its efforts to reduce prisoner rape and sexual abuse.

Organizations that have expressed support FOR the resolution include the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, National Organization for Women, National Council of Women’s Organizations, Justice Fellowship, National Center for Transgender Equality, Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE), National Lawyers Guild, Detention Watch Network, Partnership for Safety and Justice, Justice Policy Institute and Enlace (an alliance of worker centers, unions and community organizations).

To read the shareholder resolution, please click here.

For a policy brief on rape and sexual abuse in private prisons, please click here.

For my formal statement in support of the resolution directed to CCA shareholders, please click here.

This petition is to ask CCA to withdraw its opposition to the shareholder resolution and to issue binnual reports on its efforts to reduce prisoner rape and sexual abuse, consistent with the resolution.

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