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Ask Coca-Cola to Pay for James Richard Verone's Medical Care

Earlier this month, a desperate man robbed a bank for $1 in order to receive medical attention. We're calling on his employer of 17 years - the Coca-Cola corporation - to step in and offer to pay for James Richard Verone's medical care. 

James Richard Verone worked for Coca-Cola for 17 years, making deliveries and sticking carefully to his schedule. He worked hard and stayed loyal to his company. Then, about three years ago, James lost his job.

James quickly found work as a truck driver, but according to the Gaston Gazette, that job was short-lived. For a while, James lived off his savings and found part-time work as a convenience store clerk. But at age 58, James struggled with the physical demands of the job.

Then, he found a protrusion on his chest.

Protrusions can be caused by chest wall tumors, which can result in serious pain and difficulty breathing. The discomfort was too much for James, who decided to rob a bank for $1 (he passed a note to a teller), so that he could be arrested and receive medical care.

This story speaks to a greater crisis in our health care system - but there's something we can do right now. We can ask Coca-Cola to step up and be a good corporate citizen by helping an employee of 17 years receive proper medical care.



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