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Ask CNU To Stand By Title IX

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In the wake of a concerning political climate, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that the Trump administration is rolling back sexual assault guidelines issued by former President Barack Obama’s administration. 

DeVos said the guidelines will be rolled back, she did not announce any new policies that would immediately be put in place to help combat sexual assault on college and university campuses across the country.

Title IX laws and regulations have made my school a better place. The rights and safety of victims of sexual assault should not be a political tool up for debate at the whims and discretion of politicians.

Title IX laws have saved the lives of my friends. They have taught people what assault actually means. They have made college-aged men (and women) fearful of the consequences when they do these things. Victim stigma has gone down, and positive awareness and events acknowledging the problem have risen. One in three women will be sexually assaulted in college, and this motion is a disgrace to every woman who has suffered from sexual assault at the hands of predatory men.

My school, Christopher Newport University, has been extremely socially responsible in dealing with these issues and taking Title IX violations seriously. It makes me feel safe on my campus.

Despite what happens in Congress, I believe my school is better than that. Because I believe this so deeply, I ask Christopher Newport University to pledge that it will continue to abide by Title IX regulations no matter what they say in Congress, so that CNU can be a safe place for all students, including victims of sexual assault, so that we can all feel safe pursuing our dreams here as a community, and I ask that we, as a campus, will take on the social responsibility to continue to abide by Title IX regulations of dealing with complaints of sexual assault and protections for victims, no matter what the law says we should or should not do. Even if the law is repealed, I ask that my school pledges to still abide by these principles and regulatory procedures, because that is who we are as Captains, and I know that is what we stand for, and I pray that we will stand by protecting these values, even if our government won't.

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