Ban All Rat Poisons In Our Communities

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Rodenticides (rat poisons) are increasing in alarming amounts throughout the environment, harming wild life and pets and becoming a health hazard in our communities.

Recently, over 350 incidents of wildlife poisonings have been documented by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This number is a low indication because it only represents the animals that have been discovered and recorded. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported cases of child, pet and wildlife poisonings from anticoagulants since the early 1980s. One of these incidents even involved the iconic Hollywood mountain lion P22. Fortunately his condition was noticed and he was treated before the situation became dire.

In 2015, retail sale of the most poisons were banned, however, licensed pest-control companies,  still employ the most toxic of ingredients. These toxins, know as second-generation rodenticides are the poisons that are increasingly being reported in wild life throughout California. These anticoagulants cause animals to suffer slowly, dying from the inside out. Predators and pets who eat poisoned animals become ill themselves, often becoming easy prey for other predators. For the full story, visit The Rattie Uprising website

Please sign this petition to demand the ban on all second-generation, anti-coagulant rodenticides currently legal for licensed pest-control companies to use.

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There are far better ways to control unwanted animal populations in our neighborhoods.

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