Aratana - Stop Promoting Declawing

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If you feel strongly about ending the practice of declawing cats, please respectfully tell this company they should not be promoting or normalizing this surgery.  Aratana Therapeutics is a respected company that developed a product, NOCITA, which is formulated to act as a long-acting local anesthetic.  NOCITA may treat short-term pain during and immediately following surgery, but declawing is well-known to cause a lifetime of pain and other physical and behavioral complications (Pain and adverse behavior in declawed cats, Nicole K Martell-Moran, et al., Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, vol. 20, 4: pp. 280-288, 2017).

Be polite but be firm on behalf of all cats, ask Aratana to reconsider promoting their product for declawing, a surgery that is wholly unnecessary and has the potential to cause a lifetime of pain. After all, they are interested in immediate and short-term pain management...not permanent pain creation!   We are not against NOCITA...we are against the use of an otherwise good drug to treat a very bad and very debilitating procedure...declawing!

Call Customer Care: 1-844-ARATANA (272-8262)
or send them a Tweet @AratanaRx


or message at is the email address for Rachel Reiff, who handles media inquiries.

AND...ASK the FDA NOT to grant approval for NOCITA to be used to treat the pain caused by inhumane and unnecessary amputations.

Call 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332).
or send email message to