We petition ASIO and IBAC to launch a full investigation into VIC Premier Dan Andrews.

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has signed a new deal with the Chinese Communist Regime to deepen the state's engagement with the controversial Belt and Road initiative.

Australians are already worried about Chinese influence in Australia, but Andrews who is a frequent visitor to China, has ignored the concerns of many of us and decide to deepen his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, ignoring China's Communist Party's 70 years of continuing massacres, enslaving, organ-harvesting, starving, threatening, oppressing and otherwise abusing their citizens; ignoring China's killing, torturing, bullying, impersonating and discrediting democracy seeking Hong Kong protesters; ignoring China's destroying of our planet, and rampantly stealing of Intellectual Properties and assets from companies and governments around the world. By having such an intimate relationship with China's communist regime, Daniel Andrews’ ethical leadership quality is in question and many Australians now do not believe he puts Australia’s interest before that of China's.

Daniel Andrews encourages Chinese infrastructure firms to establish a presence in Victoria and to bid for major projects. Two Chinese firms are part of bids for the $16 billion North-East Link. Some critics have accused Mr Andrews of hypocrisy after he introduced laws ensuring local procurement for all government projects. Are these appropriate behaviours of a Premier who listens and responds to concerned Australians?

We petition ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) to launch a full investigation on Dan Andrews' wholly inappropriate ties to the Chinese Communist Party and its agents. We also petition IBAC (Victorian Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission) to investigate the entire bidding process to find any improprieties.

Most importantly, which Ministers are driving and endorsing Andrews' MOU with the CCP behind the scene?

Photo credit to ABC.NET.AU