Request to Asiana Airlines for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in S Korea

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Room for a little one? Request to Asiana Airlines for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in South Korea.

To: Directors, Management, Staff; and Captains and Crew! 

A little help can go a long way, and we are hoping to get a ‘flying start’ with a little help from your airline. 

In the fight to end the dog and cat meat trades in South Korea, bit by bit the volunteers involved are managing to get many dog farms shut down.  Bit by bit they are saving these animals from the appalling lives and even more hideous deaths that they would otherwise be facing in the name of a ‘cheap’ meal: one with no animal welfare commitments or responsibilities attached to it. 

The steps taken to end this trade, and the rescues of these dogs is all being done by the inspiring success, hard work and determination of those caring volunteers in South Korea, who personally negotiate with the farm owners, and the authorities, and who personally rescue these animals in the face of unimaginably distressing scenes and physical danger. 

And, are they going to stop? No! 

But, Asiana Airlines, here is where we need your help:  there is a limit to the number of homes that the volunteers can find in their shelters in South Korea, and they will soon need to arrange transportation out of that country, to others, where new homes can be found for these rescued animals.

Can you help them by providing free air space on any of your planes that fly out of South Korea? 

Each place offered will be a life saved. 

Additionally, your company’s willingness and help will be seen as a clear and important message, to those who are still trying to carry on with this unacceptable meat trade in South Korea, that more and more Korean nationals, and more and more people across the world, will not ‘look the other way’, but are willing to do right in this fight against animal cruelty. 

Can we tell the world that you will help with this ‘Flight for Compassion’! 


For information about rescue mission of Nami Kim and her team visit: