Reduce the fees of APU Graduation 2018

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The pricing for Asia Pacific University's (APU) Convocation on the 24th and 25th of November 2018 to be held on campus is priced too high for the average graduate to cover, the main subject being the cost for the Graduate + 2 Guest package at RM 820.00 (RM300 refundable deposit) (from:

This pricing affects following intakes:

  • APU Degree: UC3F1706, UC3F1711, UC4F1707 & UC4F1711
  • APIIT Degree: APT3F1706 & APT3F1711
  • Postgraduate: June & October Board 2018

The main reason for this petition is because previous Convocations was priced around RM900.00 were all held at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. This high price was "justified", because of the venue cost the university had to cover. The convocation was held in the hotel because APU's main campus at the time could not accommodate the number of students.

However, the upcoming convocation is to be held at APU's new campus, but with only RM100.00 reduction in fees. APU has explained that switching of venues was to accommodate the large number of students, but has avoided giving an explanation of the high convocation fees.

Other universities who held their convocations on campus has priced it lower then APU, for example:

We APU/APIIT graduates of the upcoming convocation, as well as any future graduates, ask that Asia Pacific University explain the cost and further reduce their convocation fees so that their graduates may attend their graduation with their family.