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Say NO to Mining the Penokees

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Whereas, considering the undeniable scientific evidence that open pit iron ore mines pollute the land, water, and air, endangering health, killing wild rice, creating noise pollution, destroying trout stream, lakes, and rivers while leaving behind a cycle of boon and bust poverty, We the People refuse to allow an international mining company with a verifiable history of pollution and abusing the rights of the Earth from manipulating the poor population of Iron County, Wisconsin with propaganda and false information in order to begin mining the Penokee Mountains in Northern Wisconsin.

Whereas, Bad River Reserve has told the state they will not support mining and that the mines will destroy their reserve, as well as damage our biggest employer in the area, We the People stand in support of their decision as final.

Whereas, considering the long-term costs and risks of mining to the area, and the large percent of the population that will suffer from the presences of mining, We the People stand up for all citizens when we say there is no such thing, under these extraordinary circumstances, as "responsible mining" of the Penokee

Whereas, Wisconsin is a world-leader in progressive reforms, We the People commit to come together and find new and sustainable solutions to address our economic challenges for the good of all, and refuse to allow our natural resources to be harmed for corporate interests and be made into weapons of war.

We the People stand up for all our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin who are suffering from economic hardship by not allowing politicians, mine lobbyists or corporate mining interests to mislead our poorest without sharing the true cost and consequences of their operations.

We the People are committed to stand as long as is needed for all involved to understand why the only responsible answer is no. The answer still is, and will remain, forever, no.

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