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We-the undersigned, call on Ashford Borough Council and Folkestone & District Council (plus the parish councils of Tenterden and Elham) to no longer allow the Kent fox or hare hunts to meet in public places at the tax payers expense on Boxing Day, and thereby stop supporting the illegal killing of our wildlife, thus taking a step in the right direction by not promoting hunting.

Every year on Boxing Day, our local councils grant permission for the ASHFORD VALLEY TICKHAM hunt, & the EAST KENT with WEST STREET foxhounds to publicly meet ahead of the day's hunting, where they will to kill a fox or two either after a chase  “accidentally” whilst “trail hunting”, or by "digging out" with terriers (the BLEAN BEAGLES hare hunt Boxing Day public meet at Faversham seems to have folded under the threat of demonstrations, and the East Kent with West Street met at the kennels last year for the first time, also running scared of public opposition-but this could change, as we know they are keen to flaunt themselves again in Elham square).

It has been evidenced time and time again, trail hunting is a myth perpetrated by hunts to allow them to carry on hunting illegally - if a fox gets killed, well, "we were trail hunting and it got in the way and we couldn't get the dogs off in time".  It is incredibly naive to think that hunting after the ban is anything other than an illegal activity, carried out on private land, away from the eyes of the public.

(See below for evidence of what the Kent hunts call “legal” hunting-there are many more examples of their reckless behavior on our YouTube channel)



EAST KENT with WEST STREET KILL FOX- 23rd December 2014


2018 was the first anti hunt protest in Tenterden on Boxing Day for many years. Over a thousand drunken hunting “once-a-year enthusiasts” swarmed the High Street, effectively blocking it from cars for about 3 hours.  There were 40 or so protestors, peacefully protesting with banners. Yet they were continually provoked by drunken bloodsports enthusiasts, banners ripped out of people's hands, a young man punched in the face whilst standing holding a banner and the band that played in the High Street got their equipment trashed (one hunt supporter has already received a caution and fine for his actions on the day).

Ashford Borough Council - can you really condone such uncalled for violence?  The pubs are also open early so many people are inebriated before the hunt even turns up!

Also on Boxing Day at Elham, drunken hunt supporters attacked a group of protesters returning to their vehicles. One protester was savagely beaten, then thrown in front of a moving car-his injuries were so serious that arrests took place for “attempted GBH”. The police investigation is ongoing.


There is also the issue of health and safety with so many people in such a situation.  The issue of dog and horse faeces, parking problems with so many cars in the town, the risk of injury to spectators from jittery horses, the cost of policing the event this year, and the public being inconvenienced by having the High Street shut off to traffic for hours and so having to make lengthy diversions.  The towns are also tainted by this spectacle and by the violence engendered.

We say this on behalf of our supporters and all the decent 90% of the public who find bloodsports abhorrent- illegal hunting and the promotion of it has no place in today’s society.

It’s about time the councils made a step in the right direction and say that enough is enough, and that they will not support those involved in the illegal killing of any more of our precious wildlife – wildlife that not only has to contend with habitat loss, pesticides and declining numbers, but also the terror of being hunted and enduring an horrific and painful death for no reason other than “sport”.  

Please sign and share this petition widely. We are out in the field during hunting season and any support is gratefully received to keep our essential vehicles on the road.  If you would also like to make a donation to help save our wildlife, please do so here:ou can also make donations here -

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Thank you so much for your support, let's hope we see an end to this outdated pageantry and its wildlife-killing links, which has no place in 21st century civilised society.