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Asheville Restaurants: Take cruel and environmentally devastating foie gras off the menu for good!

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Asheville can do better than this! Foie gras is the product of a system of agriculture that is inordinately cruel and inhumane. At just a few months old, ducks and geese are confined to sheds, where they will be force-fed enormous amounts of grain, several times a day, to cause the pathological condition of "fatty liver." Workers insert a long metal tube into the animals' throats, and force food directly into their gullets. Undercover footage taken at each of the large US foie gras producers shows birds actively avoiding the gavage procedure, as well as animals with bleeding injuries from the procedure.

Foie Gras doesn't reflect Asheville's commitment to the farm-to-table movement. Here in Asheville, we love our local farms, both large and small. We walk the walk, and we talk the talk. We are solidifying our farm-to-table future by teaching the principles of local, sustainable agriculture in our schools. Here in Asheville, we support our local farming culture with our forks. Serving foie gras in Asheville's independent restaurants, simply doesn't reflect our farm-to-table values. It flies in the face of them. The Lexington Avenue Brewery and others cannot tout farm-to-table principles, while simultaneously importing and serving cruelty and environmental devastation.

Foie gras isn't humane.
It isn't "green."
It isn't local.
It isn't Asheville.

Read about some environmental problems:

And watch this video:

Join me in urging the Lexington Avenue Brewery and others to remove the shame of foie gras from their menus.

Lexington Avenue Brewery is serving foie gras "patty melts" at their LAB/Craggie Brewery Beer Dinner:

The Grove Park Inn offers two foie gras dishes:

Table features a foie gras mousse:

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