A Moratorium on killing dogs at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC

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Brother Wolf is currently killing dogs at an unprecedented rate. This petition calls for a moratorium on killing the dogs entrusted to the care of Brother Wolf in Asheville.

These are the actions needed:

1. An independent, unbiased panel of behaviorists to evaluate the dogs targeted for euthanasia. The panel shall be voted on by the community & BWAR donors.

2. An independent panel to screen potential adopters & sanctuaries who have been refused the opportunity to help these dogs.

3. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to find the compassion & respect that they once had for animals who walked through their doors.

4. A town hall meeting open to the public, held at a neutral venue, allowing designated speakers to be the voice of the community & the voice of the animals.

The privilege of being called a no kill shelter makes BWAR eligible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money from several organizations each year.

Grant money donated specifically to be used to help with the costs of taking in animals who need more help then some others.

Please help to support our cause by signing & sharing our petition.