Asheville City Council: We demand a vote on Vijay Kapoor's vacated seat!

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Asheville City Council is actively conspiring to block the democratic election of Vijay Kapoor's replacement. The City Attorney even advised them in a (leaked) memorandum how to circumvent state law and appoint the council seat rather than having a special election. For a link to the memorandum, click here.

Vijay Kapoor originally announced his resignation from Asheville City Council in March of this year. NC law holds that if Kapoor vacates his seat before August 3, then Asheville citizens would be able to vote for his replacement, in addition to the 3 other seats up for election in November. The person elected (or appointed) to replace Kapoor will serve the remainder of Kapoor's term - for over 2 years!

Kapoor announced his resignation on March 16, and he initially said that he would remain in his seat until the budget vote in June. Then the council pushed the final budget vote back to July 30th. That would mean that Kapoor's seat is up for election, right? Not if the City Council has anything to do with it. Kapoor recently announced that he is now staying on longer (until August 8) because he and the council do not want this fourth seat to be electable. This is in an effort to block a fair and free election in order to maintain a moderate/establishment majority on the council.

We must demand that our voices be heard through a free and fair election! Sign the petition to demand that city council allows Kapoor's seat to be filled via an election instead of by Council appointment.