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Have coffee summit, & NOT demonize Hybels, Willow Creek & Schultz

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We invoke the name of Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, and the Rally to Restore Sanity, to call on Asher Huey to “take it down a notch for America".

We strongly disagree in the way you essentially shamed Howard Schultz out of a speaking engagement at Willow Creek’s 2011 Leadership Summit, which 150,000 people around the world were viewing, either in person or at 450 other sites.

We call for you to meet PERSONALLY with Bill Hybels, Howard Schultz, and any relevant Willow Creek members. Look them in the eye as fellow human beings, and DISCUSS your concerns and beliefs, and to not demonize “the other”.

We the undersigned, while having varied levels of agreement/disagreement with Willow Creek’s theology & culture, KNOW that they are NOT to be equated with anything like Fred Phelps and his Westboro Church or similar attitudes & actions.

We the undersigned may not always agree with everything that Starbuck’s is, but we DO appreciate their creative use of capitalism to create social justice throughout their supply chain, from coffee growers to baristas. We feel this shaming of Schultz resulted in censorship, depriving THOUSANDS of conference attendees the opportunity to be significantly challenged in using capitalism and other means to promote social justice around the world.

We want equality. If you, Asher Huey, expect people to heed the call for your petition, we expect you to do the same, and not become a self-righteous hypocrite. Or should we expect you to shame U2’s Bono and Colin Powell in the same manner (as they have spoken at the Summit in earlier years)?

We ask you to stop bullying people into your point of view and actually listen to them. We ask you to be truly tolerant instead of self-righteous. Anti-anti-gay persecution isn’t any better than what is being fought against.

We the undersigned believe in freedom of thought and speech, but we humbly ask Asher Huey and others to be more tolerant, and to truly engage in conversation rather than a crusade.

We look forward to hearing about the “coffee summit” in the very near future.


*note: this is a sort of “counter petition” by Asher Huey, which only received 800 signatures but made national news by forcing Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to withdraw from the Summit..

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