Supermarkets To Reduce Delivery Charges & Minimum Spend For Over 70s

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Government advice is for over 70s to self isolate for 12 weeks from around the 21st of March. Many people over 70 do not have family or friends who can bring them groceries, or their family may become unwell and be unable to deliver food to them because of their own self isolation. 

Some supermarkets have minimum spends and delivery costs which would be considered high for people over 70, especially if they are shopping for only one person. For example, some Asda deliveries require a £45 minimum spend, and delivery itself can cost up to £6 depending on the time slot. This is a lot to spend, especially when they may just need some fresh food delivered every week or so, and are not doing a large shop.

Please sign this petition to ask supermarkets to lower minimum spends and discount delivery charges for people over 70 during this time. The supermarkets would need to decide what is feasible, but it would be great to see a £1 or £2 maximum delivery charge for people over 70, and the minimum spend lowered to £20 or lower if possible.

I know supermarkets will suffer because of this, but in the long-term, they will gain new over 70 customers who might not have otherwise shopped online. They will also earn the respect and support of other younger shoppers who are pleased to see supermarkets doing the right thing.

Please sign and share this to help make supermarket delivery accessible to those who need it most at this time.