Provide Better Training Equipment at the Guru Premnath Akhada, Delhi

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“Ladki kya nahi kar sakti hai?” 

Many of us have have grown up hearing the opposite of this, the stereotype of 'what can a girl really achieve?' and I was no exception. My father struggled with his job, and we often faced tough financial situations.

Inspired by the girls fighting dangals in Haryana, my father also wanted me to train and fight as a wrestler. It was his dream to see one of his children become a famous wrestler and this became my dream too.

I started training at the akhada (training centre) near my house in Gokulpur (New Delhi), and have been competing since I was 10 years old. I still remember the day I went with my father to the local grounds to compete, and no one wanted to compete with me as I was a girl.

“How can a girl compete with us?” is all I could hear in whispers around me.

I finally got one shot - to play one match to prove myself; and I won. I can never forget that feeling.

From there on, there was no looking back from there. I went on to win bronze medals at both, the Asian Games 2018 and Commonwealth Games 2018. None of this would have been possible without the support of my father, who made sure I always had everything I required for my training.

Unfortunately, not all women have access to all the resources they need to become champion wrestlers. The Guru Premnath Akhada in Delhi, where I train, desperately needs new equipment as most of it is either broken, or rusty. There are around 100 girls aged 8 years and upwards who train there.

This is why I am starting this petition asking the Delhi Government for better gym equipment at the Guru Premnath Akhada, so that this akhada can produce many more Commonwealth and Asian Games champs.

I come from a village where girls are married off after class 10 and 12. Their families often borrow money to arrange the wedding. If only they used this money to invest in their daughter’s  education, or sports, just like my father did, there will come a day when a girl will be able to fulfil her dreams and choose the life she wants for herself.

Sign this petition to help my Akhada get better equipment, to support the training of many more #DangalQueens that every Indian will be proud of.

I was also felicitated as part of The Quint's Me The Change initiative.