@ArvindKejriwal: Withdraw Kailash Kher’s Invitation from Mayur Utsav and Support #MeToo

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I met Kailash Kher for coffee in Prithvi Café to discuss a forthcoming concert where both our bands were playing. “You are so beautiful,” he said with his hand on my thigh. I left not soon after.

It did not stop there. On landing in Dhaka and on my way to the venue with the organisers, I kept getting calls from him. When I didn’t pick up, he called the organisers phone to get through to me. “Skip the soundcheck and join me in my room to catch up?”

I am not the only one. With the #MeToo movement that has taken India by storm, there are other women who have raised their voice against Kailash Kher. Be it a photojournalist, a fan or another journalist - all these women have been sexually harassed & come forward with their names. Many others including two minors have shared their stories from anonymous accounts to avoid being shamed or intimidated.

That is why I am shocked to learn that Kailash Kher has been asked to headline a performance at the Delhi Government’s Mayur Utsav that begins today.

Action needs to be taken against perpetrators. Sign my petition asking the Delhi Government to withdraw Kailash Kher’s invitation from the Mayur Utsav being hosted in Delhi.

The performance is scheduled for Sunday,16th December, so we have to act now to make sure that this festival celebrates Delhi, it’s citizens, Delhi’s women and not an accused in the #MeToo movement.

I am hopeful that the Delhi Government which is keenly aware of women’s safety as a critical issue will listen to #MeToo survivors and their citizens when we ask them to drop Kailash Kher. That is why I am asking you to sign and support this petition to the Delhi Government.  

We have just 2 days to make the Delhi government listen to us, but it is an important fight which if we win, will set an example and send a clear message: We will not tolerate any threats to women’s safety.

Women have kept silent for too long. It’s time we stood up and reclaimed our space, and make Delhi safe for everyone.

Thank you!
Sona Mohapatra
Singer & Music Composer