Immediately Implement 'Maili Se Nirmal Yamuna Rejuvenation Plan, 2017" #ReviveYamuna

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River Yamuna is gasping for life. It is dying and we are killing it.

Much before you see the river, you smell its nauseating stench from a distance. When you get to see it, the river looks like a sewer - all you can see is dark grey stale polluted waters, covered with toxic white foam which floats over it.

The river is ecologically dead. The 22-km stretch along the national capital has virtually no aquatic life thanks to over 20 drains that pour untreated sewage and other waste into the river. Low levels of dissolved oxygen, high levels of ammonia and pollution are the reasons that killed the river.

Yamuna is now one of most polluted rivers in the world, but the river has still not reached a point of no return. Sign my petition! 

The National Green Tribunal has formulated a detailed blueprint titled “Maili Se Nirmal Yamuna Rejuvenation Plan, 2017” for revival of Yamuna. It contains details of the steps, the states of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh need to take to stop entry of sewage and other pollutants into the river and to increase water flow. 

As per experts if this plan is implemented then it will go a long way in restoring Yamuna to its past glory. 

The implementation of this plan was to be completed by the end of Year 2017, however due to various delays, on the part of the concerned State Governments, the Rejuvenation Plan has still not been implemented, leaving the Yamuna as polluted as ever.

Like all citizens of Delhi, I also dream of a day when clean blue waters of Yamuna will flow through our city again. I dream of sipping coffee at riverside cafes and going on relaxing cruises on our great river. I do not want to be jealous of London and Paris for their great rivers. I want my Yamuna to be cleaner and better than Seine and Thames.

River Yamuna which has given life to Delhi for hundreds of years now seeks deliverance. It’s time we repay our debt.

Please sign my petition calling upon Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi & Mr. Jasmine Shah, Vice Chairperson of Dialogue & Development Commission to #ReviveYamuna by completing the implementation of “Maili Se Nirmal Yamuna Rejuvenation Plan, 2017, before 31st December, 2020.

-Aditya Dubey  & Aman Banka