Financial Security of Citizens

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Hello & Greetings!!

Currently the country is facing highest scams & frauds, where the PSB's are directly involved & suffered. 

We the people of India, the Tax Payers, are the highest sufferers, as the tax collected from us, is the same amount used by the government to revive the PSB's to make its NPA good, but that same amount is being misused by a few fraudsters & Scamsters to fill their pockets. So it is the tax payers money that government uses to revive the same banks, where the tax paying citizen of India doesn't get Loan easily. 

Even after paying so much tax what we get is, a developing India. Still we are on targets, Metro Trains - 2022, Bullet Train - 2025, New Airports, 2030, New Roads - 2027, everything is for future, and what about our present?? Presently our money is already being eaten up by these fraudsters, who are running out of the country. 

In any case, if the bank goes bankrupt, banks liability towards us is only 1 Lakh per account. How great is that?? Taxpayers money used to revive the NPAs of Bank, then too the bank doesn't revive, & if it goes bankrupt, who loses money?? We, the citizens of India. 

What is the Financial Security of the Citizens of this Country??? Are we actually secure to put our money in banks?? 

Is there anyone in this country who can pass a law, where the rights of citizens are safeguarded. 

We need a law, where the tax payers money, shouldn't be affected, by the scams of few fraudsters. Else the government should stop injecting our Money in the banks to revive the Banks from its NPAs. 

The patience of 125 crore Indians is put to test, let us get together for safety of our own hard earned money, even it be a rupee. 

The number of Petitions that should reach the right authority should be way more then the amount of Scam & losses the Banks have made.